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“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L. Peters, designer and author


Academy of Design (AOD) is a specialized institute focusing on design courses in Hong Kong.

We aim to provide quality education taught by industry professionals in order to prepare our students for the ever growing creative industry – while realizing their strengths and implementing their individuality into their work.


Design is in everything around us.

Our goal is to make the world of design accessible for anyone interested in the arts. Therefore, we offer a range of courses from part-time advanced certificates, monthly professional short courses and workshops.

We’ve combined the best global design education tools with a practical curriculum in order to develop our student’s global vision and mindset.


Our mission is to help our students realize their strengths and implement their individuality into their work. We prepare our students with the skills along with a professional mindset and attitude in order to be industry ready.

We aim to provide a creative environment that develops our student’s originality, but most importantly, we wish to motivate our students through a positive class environment where they can have fun while simultaneously broadening their skills.


We cater to students from all backgrounds and skill sets. Our programs equip them with the knowledge to progress in their hobbies, venture into a new career or develop their current ones.

We are proud to say that our graduates have been able to advance in their industries, further study at international universities and enter in global competitions.

Students who’ve attend our short courses and workshops have explored new skills, extended their knowledge and have been able to carry their hobbies further on their own.