Academy of Design (AOD) 設於香港專注時裝/形象/服裝商業/鞋袋手飾/設計課程. 更提供短期課程如紙樣車縫, 立體剪裁, 攝影, 插畫, 刺繡釘珠及模特兒課程等.

The Fashion Modelling professional course is an intensive 4 months programme which exposes our students to the fashion industry through hands-on experience, casting etiquette, presentation techniques, commercial and creative posing. At the end of the course our students will receive a certificate of completion, professional composite card, an intensive modelling portfolio as well as the opportunity to sign with reputed agencies in Hong Kong.

This course is ideal for those who wish to work in the fashion industry as a model.


為期四個月的專業課程, 提供英文為教學語言.


Casting 101
  • Makeup and Hair for Castings
  • Dressing and Personal Etiquette
  • Presentation for Castings
  • Composite Cards and Portfolio
  • Fashion Catwalk
  • TVC (Video & Commercial) Casting
  • Headshots, Half Body & Full Body Photos

Fashion Modelling
  • Commercial Posing
  • Creative Posing
  • Beauty Photo shoot
  • Fashion Photo shoot
  • Fittings
  • Fashion Film shooting
  • Agency GoSee
Notes: Academy of Design reserves the right to cancel or amend the programme and its content.


  • 流行模特課程(英文)
  • 課程編號:FM15E
  • 開辦日期: - (逢星期日)
  • 時間: -
  • 持續時間: (15 堂)
  • 課程學費: 每月 HKD$ 1,875