Academy of Design (AOD) 設於香港專注時裝/形象/服裝商業/鞋袋手飾/設計課程. 更提供短期課程如紙樣車縫, 立體剪裁, 攝影, 插畫, 刺繡釘珠及模特兒課程等.

The Digital Photography Professional Short Course is an intensive 11 class programme in which our students will learn the art of photography through exploring their cameras, lighting techniques, image retouching and in-depth understanding the industry. At the end of the course our students are expected to showcase their knowledge in art direction, photography and post processing through creating a photo series. This course is ideal for those who wish to brush up their skills in photography or are beginners in the art.


The professional course is an 11 class intensive programme and is available in English. Students with a good command of English are eligible to apply to the course. No previous knowledge in Digital Photography is required.

Students are required to bring a camera (with Manual Mode) to the course as well as a laptop with any version of Photoshop installed. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop or the free 30-day trial can be found here.


Photography 101
  • History of Photography
  • Comparison of different cameras and brands
  • Basics of Photography (Aperture, Shutter, ISO, Depth of Field, etc.)
  • Learning to use your camera on Manual
  • Different fields of Photography

Professional Photography
  • Composition in Photography
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Studio Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Adobe Photoshop
Notes: Academy of Design reserves the right to cancel or amend the programme and its content.


  • 數碼攝影 (英文)
  • 課程編號: DP15E
  • 開辦日期: 11 February 2017 - 22 April 2017 (逄星期六)
  • 持續時間:
  • 課程學費: 每月 HKD$ 1,600*