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Adobe Photoshop Workshop for Beginners

The Photoshop Workshop for Beginners is an intensive one day workshop that will equip our students with the ability to master the software and manipulate images professionally in a few hours. Through step-by-step instruction, our students will discover the fundamentals of workspace management, tools, filters and progress into the complex art of image composting, smoothing skin and removing blemishes etc...

This workshop is ideal beginners who are looking to advance in their retouching.


The Photoshop Workshop is a one day (6 hours) workshop available in English and Chinese. Students with a good command of English are eligible to apply to the English workshop.

No previous knowledge in Photoshop is required.

Students are required to bring in their laptop with any version of Photoshop installed. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop or the free 30-day trial can be found here.
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Photoshop 101
  • Workspace Management
  • Understanding Tools and Drawing Aids
  • File Formatting, Cropping and Resolution
  • Working with Layers and Options
  • Adding Text and Character Effects

Retouching and Image Manipulation
  • Contrast, Levels, Exposure, Opacity
  • Color Correction, Gradients and Filters
  • Skin Smoothing, Slimming, Removing Blemishes and Wrinkles
  • Adding and Altering Makeup, Eye Color and Hair Colors
  • Replacing, Masking, and Composting
Notes: Academy of Design reserves the right to cancel or amend the programme and its content.


  • Adobe Photoshop Workshop for Beginners (English)
  • Workshop Code: WPS15E
  • Course Commencement: (Saturday)
  • Time: - (1 hour lunch break)
  • Duration:
  • Course fees: HK$ 1,000