Academy of Design Hong Kong is a specialized fashion institute covering Fashion Design, Styling and Accessory Design. We also provide short courses for hobbyists in Pattern Making & Sewing, Embroidery & Beadwork, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Modelling and Draping.
Professional Courses
Fashion Draping

The Fashion Draping professional course is an intensive 3 months programme in which our students will learn the various techniques of developing a garment structure through draping on a dress form. This course will enable our students to explore the methods of 3D draping by analysing the human structure, truing, pinning and transferring to paper patterns. At the end of the course our students are expected to showcase their knowledge in fashion draping through creating a garment from start to finish. This course is ideal for those who wish to brush up their skills in fashion draping or are beginners in the skill.


The professional course is a 3 months intensive programme and is available in English and Cantonese.
Students with a good command of English are eligible to apply to the English programme.
No previous knowledge in pattern making & sewing is required.


Draping & Modelling
  • Introduction to Fashion Draping
  • Truing Techniques
  • Bodice Draping
  • Skirt Draping
  • Garment Details Development

Form Construction & Pattern Transfer
  • Transferring Paper Pattern
  • 3D Form Construction
  • Bodice Pattern Transfer
  • Skirt Pattern Transfer

Measurements & Construction
  • Body Measurements & Figure Analysis
  • Mock Alternation and Adjustments
Notes: Academy of Design reserves the right to cancel or amend the programme and its content.


  • Fashion Draping (English)
  • Class code: DF15E
  • Course commencement: - (every Tuesday)
  • Time: -
  • Duration: (11 classes)
  • Course fees: HKD$ 1,580/month